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Broken wheat vegetable bisibelebath

1.Broken wheat(dhalia)                                                   1cup
2.Thoor dhal                                                                        3/4th cup
3.Vegetables; beans,carrot,peas ,potato                 (50gm each)
4.Tamarind                                                                           1medium leon size
5.Bisibelebath powder                                                     3 table spoons.
6.Ghee                                                                                    1tsp
7.oil                                                                                         3tsp
8.salt                                                                                       to taste
9.Musturd seeds                                                                1tsp
10. Dry red chilli                                                         2 no
1.Soak tamarind with enough water 2 hrs before preparation.
2.wash and cut vegetables into big pieces.
3.keep pressure cooker on stove, add oil and turmeric poder pinch.
4.when oil is heated add musterseeds, allow it to splutter then add red chillies.
5.Add broken wheat & dal fry them for 2-3 minutes.
6.Add cut vegetables and fry for 1 minute.
7. Add aruond 6 cups of water and pressure cook .
8.Once cooker is cool, remove the lid and again keep the cooker on flame.
9.add tamarind water, bisibelebath powder salt and boil them for 8-10minutes.
10.finally add ghee and serve hot with raitha or boondhi.

  Recepie for bisibelebath powder.

Fry the following ingridients according to the order and powder them coarsely.
1. Bengalgram dhal                                                  4tsp
2. Blackgrma dhal                                                    3tsp           
3. Coriander seeds(dhania)                                  2tsp
4. Cinnemon                                                               1 piece
5. Red chillies                                                             4
6. poppy seeds                                                          1tsp
7. asofeotida                                                              pinch
8. Coconut   grated                                                   4tsp

 Nutritive Value;

High fibre ,low glycemic index good for diabeics and weight reduction.


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