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Why nutrition services are important at corporate  canteens ?

What is in , for the Corporate Companies to worry about?

Majority of the Corporate Companies try to provide good quality food to their employees in their inhouse canteens/cafeterias. This initiative taken by the Companies helps their employees in multiple ways.

It is often noticed that under the great urge of cutting costs, the catering business owners cut down activities that are extremely essential for Food Safety, viz. regular Pest Control, regular Health Check of the Food Handlers, regular Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizing Mechanism, etc. Though these are simple and inexpensive measures of Hygiene, they are often ignored and neglected by the Food Vendors.

Though it is not understood by many, the costs of such wrong practices are actually borne by the people eating in the canteens. As a result of negligence of the Food Vendors, food poisoning still remains a very common phenomenon in the canteens/cafeterias. The customers of the canteens, often the employees of the companies, fall ill because of the contaminated food being served by the Food Vendors.

To avoid above situations,   a team of auditors and health care providers are must at canteens for periodical checkups and  to take care  welfare of the employees.

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 Our Canteen audit service packages include

Annual package

Canteen visit for food and hygiene audit ——              3 visits/year
Menu planning with calories count ——                        quarterly review by our experts
One to one counselling for clients————–                10 / month (120 /year)
Canteen staff health screening & training —–            Twice in a year

  • Module 2
    Only canteen auditing and report submission with suggestion
  • Module 3
    Canteen audit plus Menu planning with calories count
  • Module 4
    Only menu planning with calories count
  • Module 5
    Canteen audit + screening + training of canteen staff

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