Nutrition Packages

Nutrition Packages

Nutrition is one of the hottest topics of discussion, whether it be the terrain of pregnancy and childhood or adult health. The fulfillment of one’s dietary requirements determines one’s health condition. So you have an opportunity to build your health by having counseling sessions with our experts through telephone or chats or Skype and receive a mail according to your needs.

Nutrition for Kids  :

You want your child to eat healthy foods, but do you know which nutrients are necessary and in what amounts? Here’s we are to help you to guide the exact requirement for your kid according Guidelines will be provided with 2010 RDA for Indians to age, gender, body weight of the child. Guidelines are from infancy to child hood

Nutrition for kids is based on the same principles as nutrition for adults. Everyone needs the same types of nutrients — such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fat. Children, however, need different amounts of specific nutrients at different ages.


Nutrition for Adolescents :

  • Have you ever thought about eating habits of your teen at home? Why they are prone to nutritional deficiencies? What makes them indulge on junks? What are there nutritional needs? Get answers for these queries with our nutritionists and proper dietary guidelines to improve their food habits.
  • Nutrition for Medical Care (includes all medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, BP, Gout, Kidney disorders, heart problems etc.) Medical Nutrition Therapy is disease specific Nutrition guidelines to improve the quality of life of clients. This package caters specific diet plans considering the blood values of patients with scientific evidences. Our specialists give guidelines for all nutrition related disorders with prior appointments.
  • Nutrition for Men

    Men need to pay attention to their health and nutritional needs, as their BMR rates are higher than females and muscle mass differs due to hormonal changes. These are few examples, there are many other nutritional needs which differs than females.

  • Nutrition for Women

    At every stage of women’s lives, nutrition proper physical activity are cornerstones of good health and optimal energy. But certain vitamins and minerals become especially important at particular times of life. Knowing which matter most can help you choose the best foods helps in keeping her at good health. In present days women are taking care of home as well as official needs , this makes her stress related problems which requires extra micronutrients to balance her health & official responsibilities.

Old age nutrition

Effects of aging:

Energy needs decline.

67% due to decreased physical activity

33% due to decreased BMR (loss of muscle mass due to inactivity)


This can lead to insufficient essential nutrient content in meals that are calorically adequate.

Vitamin, mineral absorption may change, leading to changing dietary requirements.

Fat distribution patterns change, so skinfold thickness becomes a less accurate measure of total body fat.

In the young fat is mostly subcutaneous.

In the elderly it is mostly intra-abdominal and intramuscular.

Special nutritional problems are also associated with aging.

For all above problems we are here to help you

 Weight Gain

 Malnutrition could be one of the main reasons for less weight gain. People with deficiencies loose weight very fast. Under weight people are vulnerable for low bone density ,fractures, low resistance leading to lot of infections. So get your problem solved and lead a healthy life .

 Weight loss (Trim down)

Obesity is the major problem for many life style diseases such as Diabetes, BP, Cardiac problems,etc to begin. Maintaining ideal body weight is a challenge now a days because dietary habits plays a very important role here. Market is packed with lot of calorie dense foods with zero nutrition. Meet us at your convenience to shed the extra calories and get trimmed your self. Learn the calories count , portion size etc.from our experts to become healthy.

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Onsite Service packages to corporate clients.

  • 1.One day package; Nutritional assessment with one to one counselling from our experts.
  • 2.Group discussion with clients and our experts on desired topic on Nutrition & Health.
  •  2.Annual package; Facilities covered
  • A . 12( monthly one) site visits of expert dietician to have interactions with individual client and solve their diet related issues.
  • 3.Canteen assessment (one visit) and solutions.
  • Quarterly Health talks.
  • 4 news letters.
  • 6.Health risk assessment.